Logo - Travefy
Aug 2014 – Jul 2016

Product/Design Lead at Travefy

I joined Travefy as their first Product Design hire and successfully helped them navigate a pivot from B2C to B2B.


Travefy started their life solving the headaches of group travel. While I was there, we pivoted to a more sustainable B2B business model in providing easy-to-use tools for travel professionals to impress their clients.

Landing Pages

As the sole Product Designer, I also pitched in designing and developing some landing pages.

Travefy home

The travefy.com home page, circa 2016

Travefy pro 1 Travefy pro 2

Landing page for Travefy Pro, circa 2016 - 98% of the same design is still live

Mobile Apps

I designed both an iOS and Android app for Travefy, working closely with a developer to implement a native look and feel for both platform.

Travefy mobile app

The Travefy iOS App

Travefy android app

The Travefy Android App

The Web App

Especially as we moved more to B2B, the web app became increasingly important for our customers to manage their clients' trips. We had a customer-centric product team, constantly interfacing with our customers to figure out the tools they needed to wow their clients.

Travefy Trips Screen

An agent's view of all their trips

Travefy editing itinerary

The itinerary editing view, providing robust data entry without being overwhelming