Hi! I'm Levi

A product+ops leader by way of product design

I've been living in startups and mid-size companies for the past ten years or so, twice as the first design or technical hire. I'm currently leading some great people at CompanyCam, a Series-B-funded startup of 150ish people. We're aiming to be the best job site data capture and communication tool for contractors. (PS, we're hiring!)

While most of my career has been as a product designer (user research, UI/UX design, and front-end development), I'm a generalist digital craftsperson and curator at heart.

Over time, I've become just as passionate about designing companies, so that's what I'm currently doing - making sure CompanyCam has the people and processes in place to succeed.

Past Work

VP, Operations at CompanyCam

I'm currently the VP of Operations at CompanyCam, where we're aiming to be the best job site capture and communication tool for contractors.

CXO at Find Your Grind

I joined FYG as employee #1 to bring the founders' vision to life: a game-changing self- and career-discovery platform. Read More

Product Design Lead at Hudl

In my two stints at this sports software company, I quickly moved from entry-level designer to trusted design leader. Read More

Product/Design Lead at Travefy

I joined Travefy as their first Product Design hire and successfully helped them navigate a pivot from B2C to B2B. Read More