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June 2019 – September 2023

Product & Operations at CompanyCam

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In June 2019, I was freelancing as a consulting product designer and developer. And I was pretty happy doing that! I'd known Luke at CompanyCam for a long time, and asked if he needed an extra Product Designer to augment his team.

He said, "That sounds cool... but it'd be cooler if you come work for CompanyCam full-time to help run my product team."

And so began my wild-but-fun journey through many departments at CompanyCam over four years.

I hit the ground running on the 30-person team, shipping some design improvements to the app. But soon, Luke and I realized he needed help on the administrative and operational side of the business. I've always done operational generalist work "on the side" for startups I've worked for, now it was time to put those skills to work full-time.

We needed to build something that could scale, attract investment, and achieve the big visions Luke had.

I stepped into a product and operational leadership role, standing up systems like goals and OKRs to keep us aligned, a Notion-powered intranet, a scalable org structure on both the product+engineering team, scalable hiring processes, continuous performance reviews, and the like. Luke stayed in front with the vision, and I "kept the trains running on time" as they say. I built out a Product Management team. I hired designers, engineers, and administrative roles. I managed the day-to-day of the company so Luke didn't have to. I promoted a Director of Engineering and Director of People to continue to scale.

And CompanyCam kept growing - we went from 30 people to 200 people. From $3.5MM ARR when I started to $24MM+ ARR two years later.

As we continued to grow, I handed the reigns of product back to Luke and Tifany. Kevin and Chad were fully capable of running engineering. We hired an excellent, seasoned COO in Hank. I moved into a VP of Operations role to continue to help us achieve our goals.

But soon, my roots in product design and development proved too strong to ignore. I wanted to get my hands dirty again. So, I rejoined the Product Design team. I immediately began working on our new Trusty product.

After a few months, it became clear that Trusty needed some holistic and generalist leadership. Because it was a product aimed at end-consumers, it was just different: different market, different processes, different UX. Luke once again put me in charge of the small but mighty team to help it become what it needed to be.

So, now I consider my role to just be relentlessly resourceful in bringing Trusty successfully to market. I'm leading the team, but I'm also designing. I'm operating. I'm developing. I'm marketing.

Stay tuned. 👀